Owly Bean Roasters

Our Beans Are Carefully Crafted And Mindfully Roasted To Bring You The Most Delicious Coffee Around. We Will Continue To Diversify Our Selection And Bring The Best And Freshest Product Available. Origins And Coffee Productions Are Ever Changing, And You Can Count On Us To Keep Up With The Times.

We Strive To Find And Roast The Unique, Rare, Sought After, And Funky Origins. Different Methods Of Processing The Beans Are Also A Pleasure To Find. Some Fun Ones We Have Had And Keep An Eye Out For Are: Natural Process Beans, Geisha/Gesha Beans, Aged Beans, Anaerobic Process Beans, Termico Process Beans, And Pink Bourbón Beans.

We Ship USPS Priority Mail To Ensure The Quick  Arrival Of Your Delicious Coffee. To Get The Most For Your Money, We Recommend Ordering More Than One Pound At A Time As It Saves A Lot In Shipping. Coffee Is Best When Shared With Others, So Put An Order Together With Friends Or Family To Drastically Save On Cost.

Why Choose Us?

At Owly Bean Roasters we are dedicated to providing the highest quality product possible. We have hard to find Geisha Coffee Beans, fun natural process beans, and many more. We are proud to source our beans through a wonderful company called Genuine Origin. They are dedicated to educating the coffee farmers, free of charge, on how to produce a higher quality product. Genuine Origin gives back to the farmers making a better environment for everyone involved. Our beans are always roasted fresh and will never arrive at your home any longer that one week after roast date. We pride ourselves on our product quality, attention to detail roasting, and prompt service. With a wide range of roast choices, you are sure to find one, and many more, that you will love. 

"What an absolute treat! Stopped there and tried some fantastic samples, got great information, and enjoyed every second of the experience!"

Latham Hetland

About Us

Kyle Hagen; Jeremy Hagen

Head Roaster; Owner

We are brothers and owners happy to be living in our home town. Owly Bean Roasters became a business after owning a coffee shop in town since 2017. Roasting our own beans seemed to be the next logical step in the process. We couldn't be happier about the decision. It's such a wonderful thing to receive beautiful raw coffee beans from Genuine Origin and take those beans to a product our customers will love and enjoy. We look forward to serving you.


Our store is located on main street in Wadena, Minnesota. Our address is:

312 Jefferson St S, Wadena, MN. Our coffee can be purchased in person at our store or through our online store.

Store Hours


9 a.m.-5 p.m.


10 a.m.-4 p.m.